Monfrague Tourism

Monfrague Tourism

Monfrague Tourism, a fantastic idea to enjoy your holidays at Easter. Monfragüe Landscape offers you experiences in Monfrague National Park.  A private estate, with four hundred hectares included in the enclosure National Park.

Enjoy with our family routes, routes for groups, or routes as a couple.

In Monfragüe Landscape, we provide an exclusive tourism, so you can enjoy a personalized guide that will accompany you during the whole journey.

We invite you to experience nature in a different way.

We go through areas of Monfragüe in its wildest state, to being private farms where access is restricted, Monfrague Tourism , only with us you can access these areas of the National Park, that are considered the purest of Monfrague.

With our guided visits we will cross the wildest ecosystems of the Mediterranean forest, untouched Dehesas, streams that run after heavy rains cut the rocky quartzite cliffs.

Spring in Monfrague is going to start in a few period of time, and its landscapes will leave you speechless.

On our farm, dozens of wild deer run freely in the Dehesas.

The breeding season of birds that inhabit in Monfrague began more than one month ago, so it will be spectacular to see threatened species such as the Spanish imperial Eagle and the elusive Black stork.

A large number of Black vultures and Griffon Vultures fly over our heads, making courtship flights, flying in pairs and sometimes falling intertwined with its talons.

For lovers of birds we will see with our telescopes to the majestic Black vultures in their nests in the tops of the Cork oaks.

We offer you different guided activities, all- terrain safari, hiking routes, bike routes, and more.

Routes adapted to all profiles and physical abilities to live the authentic Monfrague tourism. Further more you will be able to enjoy our botanical tours and medical uses, the interpretation of the Dehesa, the life of the Iberian pig and the visit of traditional huts.

Enjoy the whole National Park, discover Monfrague tourism.