Tourist tours in Monfrague

Tourist tours in Monfrague

Tourist tours in Monfrague, we offer you a wide range of experiences, a pleasure for the senses. An exclusive space in Monfrague National Park where you can live experiences of the highest quality, from the hand of Monfragüe Landscape.

Private lands in the heart of Monfrague show you a privileged environment. Thanks to its high conservation are untouched ecosystems that host an abundant wildlife. In the Tourist tours in Monfrague Landscape, you will feel involved in the purest Monfragüe.

We will go through warm Dehesas, where Iberian pigs are been reared in freedom; Mediterranean woodlands with an intense green that emit heady perfumes.

The smell of Cistus mixed with odours of wildlife reminds us that every time you can be surprised by a large herd of deer, wild boars, foxes or some playful otter in ponds that are in the state.

Tourist tours in Monfrague Landscape will captivate you, and you will be guided so that you know the real guts of the National Park.

Once we approached the area in the quartzite crags, we observe, we are in the impressive Portilla del Boquerón. A huge rocky quartzite cut where hundreds of Griffon Vultures spend their days making clamour and courtship flights, the breeding season has begun. The earliest are already incubating the egg in their nests, which have been made in the rocky areas, taking advantage of cracks, ledges and holes.

We are still watching the landscape with our binoculars, to both sides of the Portilla del Boquerón are covered by immense slopes of thick Mediterranean woodland.

We can see immense nests at the top of some crowns of Cork oaks, and there, the Black vultures are sighting over everything from a privileged place. They are intimidating birds.

A member of the couple is found adding branches to the nest that have profited from the year before, the other member is immobile, it is incubating its future chick. Soon, one of them will be relieved, we while enjoy with our telescope as if it was a nature documentary.

Enjoy the Tourist tours in Monfrague Landscape, a display full of life.