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About Us - Monfragüe Landscape

We are a company specialized in Ecotourism and Nature tourism in Monfrague National Park. We carry out routes in all-terrain vehicle, and walking. Private lands in the hearth of Monfrague that are located in the unknown East of the Monfrague National Park, in Jaraicejo, showing you natural spots such as “La Portilla del Boquerón”, “El Salto del Corzo” from the viewpoint of the “Piatones mountain range”, “La Vega de Maluenez”,… Furthermore the observation of large number of birds of prey, safaris of Rutting, Ethnobotany (traditional uses of plants), Ethnography and traditional life in the dehesa, Birding..


Different profiles and training, licensed in Environmental science and nature guides, with a common aim: the Sustainable management of the Mediterranean Forest and the Dehesa and its management to improve Conservation and Biodiversity.


Spaces that are in an excellent state of preservation and its multiple natural values are intact.

Considering that these natural and cultural values that, so far, have not been open to the public, can be known through a model of “sustainable tourism”, responsible for the environment.

We have proposed ourselves to make compatible management uses, ecotourism activities and traditional uses, with the conservation of the Monfrague National Park.

We offer you an exclusive and privileged Ecotourism to enjoy some of the more spectacular landscapes of Monfrague National Park.


Show responsibly these natural areas of great landscape value integrated into Monfragüe National Park and the “SPA” Special Protection Area for Birds of Monfragüe and its surrounding dehesas and Biosphere Reserve.


A complementary ecotouristic proposal that allows knowing private lands where there is a commitment improving the diversity of these spaces thanks to the recovery of traditional customs such as the cultivation of cereals and legumes, controlled management of livestock, beekeeping, …


Through a deep respect and admiration for nature, as members of these ecosystems we want to take part in improving populations of flora and fauna as well as its diversity.

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