Tour guides in Monfrague

Tour guides in Monfrague

Tour guides in Monfrague

Tour guides in Monfrague, Monfragüe Landscape-guides, will accompany you on a private estate in the heart of Monfrague.

With our guides, you can see unusual places, completely virgin stages. We are professionals in the environmental sector, botanic and fauna.

Our Tour guides in Monfrague have different profiles, including; Forest engineer, Technical in environmental science, technical and caretaker of wildlife in recovery… We’ll show you places of unique purity, as the estate closed to the public. The absence of people will do of your day a unique experience. Enjoy a privileged situation with our bikes, hiking or by vehicle.

The aroma of the Cistus, Lavender, Rosemary and hundreds of flowers making now in the spring of Monfragüe a genuine work of art.

The Black vultures fly over their giant nests in Corks, some are intermix with Griffon in search of carrion.
Deer run wild. The wild Monfrague Mediterranean forest is this time its hiding place, they lose their antlers every year and they gradually begin to recover them. Noisy bee-eaters are heard, who already arrived from Africa to breed in our banks, and the Oriols, Serin, Eurasian Nuthatch, Chaffinch …

On lucky days the pair of Golden Eagle can be seen among the vultures. After these magnificent rains, spring is seething.

I could not explain with words the wonder of the landscape on the estate of Monfragüe Landscape, with a bit of sensitivity you will be able to appreciate all its

In addition to showing you this unique part of Monfrague National Park, our Tour guides in Monfrague also can show you the public use area of Monfrague.

So you will know Monfrague to the full, and all the secrets and details that only the professionals who work in this area know.

Get to know us, —-Monfragüe Landscape—-