Private Estate in Monfrague

Private Estate in Monfrague

Private Estate in Monfrague

Private Estate in Monfrague, from Monfragüe Landscape we welcome you to a Private Estate in Monfrague National Park.

With an extension of 400 hectares inside the National Park, you will be able to know on the hand of our expert guides the most virgin nature of Monfrague. Mediterranean woodlands of a spectacular quality, where dozens of wild deer live, abrupt zones where the vegetation thickens, being similar to one of the story forests.

Quartzite rocks where dozens of Black and Griffon vultures fly over us.

The silence that surrounds you is plentiful, it is really not silence, it is the song of many birds that set the most unique scenarios of Monfragüe.

All is surrounded by hundreds of oaks in its more sustainable and balanced formation with the human being, the Dehesa.

Our guides, nature and ecotourism professionals will show you a Private Estate in Monfrague through All Terrain routes, walking or cycling for the most active people. A real luxury in an unbeatable environment.

At the time of knowing Mofrague National Park, you can do it in different ways.

Monfrague National Park is very extensive, with an area of ​​18,396 hectares, 50% of its surface is public and the other 50% is private property. Extensive farms dedicated mostly to an extensive livestock in the Dehesas and presenting ecosystems of exuberant Mediterranean forest and quartzite rock in the area of ​ Monfrague National Park.

The public use area of  Monfrague National Park is very beautiful, presenting a great diversity of birds, although it is crossed by a road and at certain times the public that visits it is high so that anthropization is notorious.

If this is not a negative point for you, this option is a good way to get to know Monfrague.

If you are looking to venture into the purest Nacional Park, far from roads and other visitors, the option of visiting our Private Estate in Monfrague with Monfragüe Landscape, is an experience that we believe you will enjoy.

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