Guided tours in Monfrague

Guided tours in Monfrague

Guided tours in Monfrague, Monfragüe Landscape, a private space in the heart of Monfrague National Park, invites you to live a unique experience in a privileged environment.

Monfrague Landscape welcomes you to a space of 2000 hectares with a varied range of Guided tours in Monfrague: Safari in Monfrague, The Deer Rutting, Monfragüe Landscape Special Adventure (a circuit that combines sections by vehicle and bike. An experience designed for beginners and families), Bike trails and Hiking routes.

Experiences completed with a delicious typical Extremadura lunch in a house in the Dehesa.

It is a place with a remarkable state of preservation, where live many species of wildlife;

Herds of deer running around, a little fox in search of its prey and perhaps some wild boar, who was surprised when was crossed with us.

Dozens of Black Vultures and Griffon Vultures are gliding over us with their giant wings; in spring, they perform courtship flights and build huge nests that reused year after year.

Some days the Eagles surprise us by flights sharply, Royal eagle or Spanish Imperial Eagle, stunning eagles that show us strength and agility, and at the same time, are extremely sensitive beings.

In our Guided Tours in Monfrague Landscape, we will enjoy of intact Mediterranean Woodlands, impenetrable vegetation in shady slopes, riverines and small streams.

We will go across huge Dehesas of Holm oaks where pigs and cows are grazed in freedom.

We will approximate to the most impressive quartzite outcrops of the National Park, a place where nest hundreds of vultures.

A peculiar magic surrounds this place, we are in the real depths of Monfrague.

Our guided tours in Monfrague are the only option to live a day in total exclusivity because it is an area closed to the public. Tracks camouflaged in the environment, where there is no asphalt, or the presence of other people, here, there is no time.

We receive you, so that you may live a magical day in contact with the wildest nature of Monfrague, just us and the varied flora and fauna that surround us.

Ecotourism in Exclusive Lands in Monfrague National Park