Activities in Monfragüe

Activities in Monfragüe

Activities in Monfrague

Activities in Monfrague, with Monfragüe Landscape you can enjoy a wide range of activities. We are a company of tourist activities in Monfrague, where our professional and nature lover guides will show you the most secret places of Monfrague.

The observation and interpretation of nature will be the topic of Activities in Monfrague, 4 x 4, walking or cycling routes, as you prefer.

Our Activities in Monfrague are totally different and unique. We show you 400 hectares included in Monfrague National Park, in the purest state. Through a pristine environment, we will go through a private estate in the heart of Monfrague National Park. Cherished places by those who love pure nature.

We will walk across Dehesas, lush Mediterranean Forest and we will be in front of giant outcrops of quartzite where live a high number of Griffon Vultures. In the nearest Cork oaks the Black Vultures look at us from their large nests, now with a chicken inside, a privileged location in the Monfrague mountain range.

We will see lots of deer in our Activities in Monfrague, now they have no big antlers, and it is the breeding season. All the does are giving birth to small fawns. They hide them between grasses and bushes, humid areas close to streams are their favourite places to stay.

We will see as does look at us frightened, unlike other times of the year they don´t run far away, so they are with their fawn hidden in the vegetation.
We can also take you to the viewpoints of the public use area of Monfrague, perfect places for watching numerous birds, such us: Vultures, Eagles and Black Storks.

Furthermore, we will visit great landscape icons, like the Salto del Corzo, the beautiful panoramic view of the Tagus River from the Monfrague Castle and marvellous walking footpaths.

Come and discover this beautiful natural landscape in Extremadura, Monfrague National Park will leave you speechless.

Monfragüe Landscape